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Largest Ice Manufacturer for Fishery Industry

Leaders In Refrigeration.

Best Supplier for Canned Crab Meat.

Leaders In canned fish and Frozen Sea Food Supplier.

A fully integrated group of companies focused on refrigeration systems, processing plants, block ice manufacturing services, fish canning, seafood processing, fish meal production, and pasteurized crab meat exporting products.

Our Mission

COOLMan is dedicated first and foremost to the production or supply of the highest quality products to meet the needs and demands of our customers while achieving an acceptable return on investment.

This will be realized both internally and externally by continuous communication between management, employees, suppliers, customers and community and by ongoing improvement of process, systems, equipment and use of human resources.

We intend to expand our presence in the marketplace by the development of new products in our lines as well as by exploration of other opportunities for growth when presented.

Same as we are creating a suitable neighborhood for the community by promoting eco friendly machineries which reduce the global warming.

Our Head Office

COOLMan head office is located in Negombo. All the operational work, such as Accounting, IT, Transportation, Marketing, Internal Audit work done by our head office.

The Accounting division operates based on our companies operate in the group. That is COOLMan Ice FactoryCOOLMan Refrigeration (Pvt) LtdC.M. Fish Canning (Pvt) LtdCM Fish Meal (Pvt) LtdC.M. Blue Crab (Pvt) Ltd. and CM Fish Oil.

All the Accounting relate work such as cash & bank, expenses, receipts & payments, etc. done by our Accounting division. In every Accounting division, there is a “Head Person” and under the “Head Person” the supporting staff provides their valuable service to the growth of our group.

The IT division provides their service to the whole COOLMan group. Under the Head of IT, there is Installation and configuration with remote client support of Ice factory POS billing system & COOLMan Group Accounting Packages & Networking, Servicing, Maintenance of Software, Hardware, and CCTV Installation, Configuring, Monitoring part, Vehicle GPS Installation & monitoring, Reporting They provide there fullest support to, day to day operational work of the company.

The responsibility of Transport division is, to provide service to the transport of Ice on the Island and provide transportation services to our company’s operation work. Through the Marketing division of C.M. Fish Canning do the sales of our Canned Fish product.

Internal Audit department provides their service to the entire group of COOLMan such as check & verify accounting work, visit our factories, etc.

Although we work for several divisions, we all work for the growth of the group like one family. As office staff, we all wish the very best for our company.

Our Team

COOLMan has created over 800 direct employments in its entities with various skills and management capabilities and more than 1,000 indirect employments in the community.

The Board of COOLMan sets the vision, strategic direction, values and purpose of our organization. Together, these have helped form our company’s unique corporate culture, inspired its continued evolution over more than 20 years, and acted as a guide for its development.